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Sandy…Just stay in Texas please.

Minimalist posters » The Hunger Games




The Vagina: What the Hell Can’t It Do?

My vagina has a Ph.D.

My vagina has wifi.

Scarlett Johansson in 2005 photos for Interview magazine, and the Marilyn Monroe photos that inspired them.






Doctor Who: Gay Subtlety 

Because actually, it’s not a big deal. 


Because equality isn’t about making a fuss about sexuality, it’s about treating it like we would with any other. casual, simple, and calm; no worries.

Too bad Moffat completely fucked up when it came to trans representation… not to mention brushing off being gay as “just a phase” 

Okay here’s the thing though, he didn’t brush off the entire concept of being gay as being a phase. It’s possible, and stay with me here the many people who ive heard say this, it’s possible for someone to experiment with their sexuality. 

I know, TV would lead us to think that doesn’t exist. There has been one character ive EVER seen and it was Kurt’s boyfriend (whatshisface) on Glee. Everyone else is always either “gay” or “straight” or in rare cases “perfectly bisexual.” No one ever questions themselves. No one ever things that maybe they like someone new. Everyone knows exactly what they want, all the time.

It is a completely natural thing to experiment with your sexuality. Tons of people do it. I can tell you that I personally know seven people who I can name right now who have dated people of the same sex and now identify as straight and date people of the opposite sex. And if you asked them, they would say something about it “being a phase” or them “experimenting” for a while.

There is nothing wrong with sexual experimentation, and it’s the mentality that demonizes people who do that is the reason less and less people are willing to discover themselves, or act on their urges. Could Moffat have worded it better? Yes.

But Steven Moffat did not completely dismiss the idea of being gay by introducing a character that has actually experimented with her sexuality.


JFC, how much face touching can these two men do?



i have officially lost it. 

i know why a raven is like a writing desk.

edgar allen poe wrote on both.  

Nigh on twenty years knowing about this riddle, and IT NEVER OCCURRED TO ME THIS MIGHT BE THE ANSWER.


Its Morphin Time by ~BlueBandanaJake


Its Morphin Time by ~BlueBandanaJake


I. just. can’t..


I. just. can’t..


just look at this, look at it
oh my gosh


just look at this, look at it

oh my gosh